Kingsport Speedway & Lonesome Pine Raceway Rules & Regulations

Update (3/16/2017): Clarifications have been made to Section 12 (Late Model Stock Car) to clarify carburetor spacers on built engines, and Section 13 (Modified Street) in regards to the fuel cell location. These are highlighted in green.

Update (1/31/17): Examples have been added to Section 15 (Pure 4) to explain/clarify certain engine rules/regulations. They are highlighted in GREEN. Rules for the 6 Cylinder Front Wheel Drive division have also been added.

Update (1/25/17): Updates/corrections/clarifications made to 2017 rules and are highlighted in GREEN.

Update (12/28/16): Clarifications added to Section 13-19 (Modified Street) Engines and Section 16-7 (Pure Street) Transmission/Rear-end.

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